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Studio: Metal

Dwight Bennett graduated with an M.F.A. from Indiana State University, and has been a self-employed metalsmith in Long Beach, CA since 1979. He started his career by working in men’s accessories designing a successful line of high-end, automotive-themed, sterling silver key rings. 

Shortly after, Road & Track Magazine tapped into Dwight’s talents when they asked him to make custom R&T emblems for a major feature article. Over the next 33 years, Dwight made many photo props and one-off trophies that R&T presented at the most prestigious of Automotive events.

By pure luck, a Special Agent from the U.S. Custom’s Service discovered Dwight’s inventiveness for a very specialized type of covert activity that the agency needed, but had never had, and so Custom’s used his services out in the field for 14 years. 

Dwight also repaired antiques, made specialized architectural pieces, made public art and has done high-end conservation work on hardware for an historic Rancho. Dwight has also made one-off automotive parts for unique high-end, coach-built, antique automobiles. 

In 2017, Dwight was asked to set up a metal’s program and start teaching Silversmithing at Washington College Academy in rural North East Tennessee. Simultaneously, Dwight has been working on a patent for a revolutionary, all-new type of crutch design, and designing and making Speaking Tube mouthpieces for Victorian-era House restorations.

Dwight was interviewed by Jay Leno for Jay Leno’s Garage, regarding some of his automotive-themed metalwork.